The Garage

The Garage at Salisbury House provides space for moments of community, art, and history, and honors Edith and Carl Weeks’ lifelong support of cultural expression.

The Garage accessible as part of regular tours of Salisbury House. Exhibits times are subject to change due to private and public events.

For questions regarding exhibit accessibility, please call the Salisbury House Foundation office at 515-274-1777.

Current Exhibit:

Lillian Genth: "For the Good of My Soul" 
June 22-August 20

In August 1928, Lillian Genth’s name was in the news. Again.

She had achieved much during her career as an artist – a student of Whistler beginning in 1890; a working artist in Paris in the earliest years of the 20th century; exhibitions at the National Academy of Design in New York, among many others; a solo show at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts; winner in 1909 of a prize for best painting by an American from the National Academy of Design. Much of Genth’s early work focused on nudes and was the subject for which she became most famous.

Something changed, however, in the late summer of 1928. The New York Evening Post and several other publications ran the story: “Noted Woman Painter of Nudes Forswears Inspiration of the Flesh.” In an interview with the New York Evening Journal, Genth suggested of her transition, “Perhaps it will be for the good of my soul.” With that enigmatic pronouncement, she produced work for the next twenty-five years drawn largely from her travels around the world.

This exhibit begins as the first phase of Genth’s career ended.

Carl and Edith Weeks of Des Moines, Iowa, first acquired a stunning example of a Genth nude in 1925, and then collected several other works from later in the artist’s career. The Weekses commissioned Edith’s portrait from Genth as well, and ultimately added at least ten of her paintings to their extensive collection. Today, Salisbury House presents a retrospective of Genth’s work contextualized by her friendship with the Weeks family of Des Moines.

*Special thanks to the Des Moines Women’s Club for graciously loaning Genth’s The Terrace to Salisbury House for this exhibit.

**Nationally renowned art conservator Barry Bauman has recently restored every painting included in this exhibit. For more information on Mr. Bauman’s work, visit


Upcoming Exhibits:


Connections: Words and Images
August 31-October 15

Words and images can set moods, tell stories, prompt memories, record history, and influence our ideas of society and culture.  Although the two arts are not codependent, they are closely entwined.  Images often tell stories and the written word often creates imagery.

Artists participating in this exhibit have been asked to provide literary references that relate to their piece of art in a meaningful way.  The words may help explain or support the specific piece of art on display or, perhaps, may have served as an influence on their artistic process in general.  We’ve specifically asked the artists not to address why they have chosen the literary reference but, instead, ask you, the viewer, to make the connections.

This is a community-curated art exhibit led by Diane Kunzler. The exhibit will feature fifteen Iowa  artists including: Andrew Clemence, Chad Elliott, Julie Elliott, John Evans, Richard Hanson, Diane Kunzler, Kelly Kunzler, Mike Kunzler, Kendall Lensch, Linda Lewis, Gail Pace, Maureen Seamonds, Hope Thier, Jill Weisenborn Wilhelm, and Richard Wright.

An opening reception will be held August 31 from 5:30-7:30 pm. It is free and open to the public. After the opening, the exhibit will be accessible as part of regular paid tours of Salisbury House through October 15, 2017.



We invite proposals for community-curated shows for the 2018 season. Current availability includes the following dates:

April 11 – May 20

September 26 – November 4

Submission deadline: August 30, 2017

Outcomes will be communicated no later than September 15, 2017

Submission Guidelines

  • Proposals must indicate a lead curator, who will be responsible for all aspects of communication with Salisbury House Foundation (SHF) personnel.
  • Proposals must contain a minimum of four artists, with two confirmed at the time of proposal submission.
  • Proposals should include images that provide a general sense of the point of view, narrative, or theme for the show.
  • Only two-dimensional artworks may be included in the proposed show.
  • There will be special interest in proposals that suggest an element(s) of Salisbury House history, its collections, and/or programming.

Here’s the Fine Print

Before the Show

  •  Lead curators are responsible for implementing each show in accordance with the proposal submitted to the Salisbury House Foundation (SHF).
  • Lead curators and artists should make all reasonable effort to promote the show through social media and/or other appropriate venues.
  • SHF will promote the show through its own social media channels
  • Lead curators must provide SHF staff with signed/dated agreements from all parties involved in the show, attesting to their awareness of and agreement to all policies outlined here.


  • Lead curators, in concert with SHF personnel, are responsible for exhibit installation pending SHF hours and availability.
  • Lead curators will coordinate with SHF staff for installation of the show and any scheduling related to the exhibit.
  • Works must be installed on existing hangers in The Garage.
  • Art is covered by the Salisbury House Foundation’s wall-to-wall insurance policy.

At the Opening

  •  SHF will provide The Garage free of charge for the specified duration of the show, including an evening event for the show’s opening that will be free to the public.
  • Lead curators and artists provide any food or beverages served at the show’s opening; SHF will staff the food/beverage table.

During the Show’s Run

  • After the opening, the gallery will be accessible as part of regular paid tours at Salisbury House.
  • It is possible, pending rental of the gallery space in 2018, that the exhibition may be temporarily removed during the show’s run.  If this happens, Salisbury House will alert lead curators and actuate the in-house removal and re-installation of the show.
  • Artists may offer their work for sale to the public. Artists will retain 80% of the proceeds from art sales. The remaining 20% will be considered a donation to Salisbury House to fund the ongoing conservation of Salisbury House collections.  Buyers will contact artists directly to purchase art, and artists are responsible for donating 20% of the sale back to Salisbury House no later than the show’s closing date.

After the Show

  • Lead curators coordinate removal of artworks with artists and SHF staff, pending SHF hours and availability.

How to Submit Proposals

Proposal packages should contain the following:

  • Lead curator’s resume in PDF or Word format
  • One-page description describing the content of the exhibition in PDF or Word format
  • 2-3 images from each artist included in the exhibition with each image clearly labeled
  • If specific works from an artist(s) are as yet incomplete, include representative image(s) of their work in JPG format
  • An inventory of images that lists the artist name, title, year, medium, and dimensions in PDF or Word format

Email a link (via Google, Dropbox, or similar) containing the proposal package to, OR deliver either a CD or memory stick containing the proposal to Salisbury House at 4025 Tonawanda Drive, Des Moines, Iowa 50312, ATTN: Megan Stout Sibbel.

Decisions regarding submissions will be made and communicated no later than September 15, 2017.


Contact Megan Stout Sibbel by calling 515-274-1777 or e-mailing